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Salmani Saniya Khurshidahmad

Name : Salmani Saniya Khurshidahmad

Student securing highest in English

Field : Commerce

Subject Marks :

Secretarial Practice ( S.P). (89)

English (85)

Sarode Shruti Sarjerao

Name : Sarode Shruti Sarjerao

Student securing highest in Hindi

Subject Marks : Hindi (85)

Palwankar Siddhi Vinay

Name : Palwankar Siddhi Vinay

Student securing highest in Hindi

Subject Marks : Psychology (83)

Kalkeri Shushant Babu

Name : Kalkeri Shushant Babu

Student securing highest in Mathematics

Field : Science

Subject Marks : Maths (97)

Khare Poorva Vinayak

Name : Khare Poorva Vinayak

Student securing highest in History

Subject Marks :

History (81)

Jadhav Madhyasthi James

Name : Jadhav Madhyasthi James

First Rank holder from Arts

Field : Arts

Subject Marks :

Political Science (80)

English (78)

Khan Mohd. Kashif Frooque

Name : Khan Mohd. Kashif Frooque

Field : I T (information and Technology)

Subject Marks : I T 89 / 100

Meritorious Students of Camp Education Society.

Dr Cyrus Poonawalla High school & jr college

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Kartiki Ghante

1st Ranker

Name : Kartiki Ghante

Marks : 93.00%

Prarthana Phanse

2nd Ranker

Name : Prarthana Phanse

Marks : 90.40%

Amin Shaikh

3rd Ranker

Name : Amin Shaikh

Marks : 89.60%