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Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium High School And Junior College


Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium High School & Junior College

Started in the year 1986 . The school comprises of classes from Play group to Class XII and follows the Maharashtra State Board Education curriculum.

Our Goals
  • We at Chaitanya aim at imparting education of the highest quality .
  • Each student is closely monitored for his / her overall academic and personal development .
  • Nurture students to create good and law abiding citizens of India.
Academic Excellence
  • To achieve academic excellence , the School & Junior College at all levels has engaged highly and appropriately qualified and trained staff.
  • A well-equipped library with carefully selected books on various subjects for all the age groups.
  • Modern and technically up-to-date laboratories for experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • An Arts and Crafts facility with coaching available for students wishing to take the Elementary and Intermediate Art Examinations.
  • E – Learning
  • IT Labs with upgraded systems that encourages and focuses on NIIT syllabus and computer science studies.

Personality Development

Extracurricular activities being most vital for the overall personality development , Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium High School is not void of these and to name a few, are as under ;

  • Roller skating - This activity specifically aims at developing the physical and mental balance of an individual above the age of 6 years.
  • Karate – One of the most liked activity by all age groups amongst youngsters . An effective tool for developing one’s self confidence and stress bearing capacity.
  • Music – A most needed activity for any individual at any age , the best medicine for destressing of the soul bringing joy in mundanities.
  • Sports – The best way to keep one physically and mentally fit at any stage of life .A must for growing children for their overall personality development .be it Indoors or Outdoors.
Roller Skating

Roller skating

Roller Skating






Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

On the anvil

  • With a view of expanding our horizon , we have introduced Bifocal in the Junior College which will be helpful for the students.
  • Various foreign languages are being introduced from Class VII..

At Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium High School, we believe in an interactive mode of conducting our operations hence a Parent –Teacher Association is in place ensuring a cordial relation between the School and the parents where all issues are amicably resolved.

We stand committed to our vision & our goal in nurturing each student from all strata of society , to make him / her worthy to face all challenges and emerging victorious at every walk of life . Our modest step towards creating a better India .