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Dr. Cyrus S. Poonawalla English Medium High School ( CBSE ) And Junior College

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Learning Clubs

To impart content knowledge and develop vocational skills, school have its own clubs, which are focusing on different aspects of skill development. The clubs are as follows:

Eco Club

Club conducts various awareness programmes, competitions, days celebrations and community based outreach programme to aware the students about environmental conservations.

Vocational Club

Club imparts vocational training and skills to make students independent and give them a breakthrough for new innovations. Needle work, best out of waste and cooking such skills are undertaken under this club.

Literary Club

Club focuses on the vocabulary, comprehension and language command of the students. Day’s celebrations, visit to language lab and various competitions are organized under this club. Foundational literacy and numeracy course is also conducted.

Robotics Club

Club impart practical knowledge of scientific concepts, encourage, creativity, innovation by giving students hands on training on development of working models, gadgets etc.


Engaging in sports and physical activities keeps body as well as mind healthy. A healthy mind performs better in academics. Thus, it becomes important for every kid to have a balance between both studying as well as playing to excel.

Indoor Sports

School have a facility of indoor sport room for the students. They learntable tennis, carom and chess.

Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports- School is available with its own huge playground where students learn cricket, badminton, football, kabaddi and kho-kho.

Yoga, Gymnastics, Skating & Health Education

For the physical development, balancing and health of the students Yoga, Gymnastics, Skating and Health Education lecture are conducted on regular basis.

Library & Laboratories

School is equipped with library for the students containing number of books and Laboratories for Language, Science, Math, SST and Information Technology are available with all the modern equipment.

Smart Class Room & Learning App

All the classrooms are equipped with modern technologies and classrooms are powered by Geneolearning app.

Meal facility

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With that motto, school has a hygienic, safe and nutritious canteen facility where students get milk, breakfast and lunch according to the Recommended Dietary Allowance.

Guest Lectures

Students are given ample amount of opportunities to explore the world. Regular visits of eminent speakers, personalities and scientists are arranged in the school.

Centre of Excellence for English Language Development Program

School in association with Kidztalento is a Centre of Excellence for English Language Development Program. The school conducts free lectures for the students to develop a better command in English language.

Abacus & Vedic Maths

Abacus and Vedic maths are taught to the students by the experts.

Performing Arts

Music, Dance, Tabla and Djembe are taught to the students to discover and enhance their talents and artistic skills.


Self-defence is an important part of life. Students are taught taekwondo for self-defence.

Co- curricular Activities

Co- curricular activities are and important parts of student’s development. School conducts various activities on regular basis for the overall development of the students.

Field Trips

Field trips engages, educates and enhances classroom teaching and allow students to interact with what they are learning. Educational tours are organized to give an insight into the world of knowledge beyond reading a concept in a textbook as children are able to participate in it physically.